Sunday, December 8, 2019

What I Bought This Week #48 & #49

Happy December! We're back from Japan and slowly getting back to routine. It was a bit of an involved process to split our Japan purchases into two separate blog posts so this edition of What I Bought This Week will be a 2-in-1. I grouped our Japan purchases by category — I only have approximate amounts spent, as I haven't reconciled my credit cards yet, plus all the receipts are in Japanese so they're a bit too much effort to navigate. I've posted photos of my own purchases, along with Hubby and my shared purchases. Hubby also purchased a few things, but they're not shown below. Since coming back, we've only picked up a few necessities, namely groceries and Truffle's litter. I also grabbed a Food & Drink mag from the LCBO today for some holiday inspo. By the way, my Japan vlogs have been posted and I'll be doing Vlogmas this year! All vlogs can be found on Authenblissity. :)

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