Monday, August 19, 2019

What I Bought This Week #33

This was my "reset week" following last week's food-laden staycation. I got back to relatively healthy eating and finally started feeling hungry -- just in time to indulge again this weekend! A few things of note that I brought home this week:

Oxbow Joint Support. The last time we took Truffle to have his teeth trimmed, the vet suggested we start giving him a joint supplement now that he's a bit older. We bought him a bag of Joint Support tablets from Amazon and he has been loving them! He's quite a picky bunny so we weren't sure if he would actually eat them. I haven't noticed any behaviour changes yet, but I did have a dream that he was doing massive binkies and running around at warp speed.

Delta Faucet Thing. I have no idea what this is but hubby noticed one of the faucets of the bathroom sink leaking a bit of water. He's fixed this issue before so he bought the part we need to get this resolved.

Treats! Hubby and I went to our friend's place on Saturday for a pizza party and there was so much food that she sent us home with a nice goody bag. We took the rest of the spicy chips and the spicy hummus, since no one in her family is into spicy food. She surprised us with a deliciously chocolate-y cake for our 10th wedding anniversary, which was beyond lovely. Her family isn't into chocolate-y goodness either, so we happily brought the rest of the cake home. Our friend's sister also has a thriving vegetable garden and she gave us one of her HUGE zucchinis. Amazing!

This summer's been so much fun and it's not even over. I feel very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life, and I am incredibly fortunate to have the freedom to enjoy so many new experiences. The "gap year" fun continues from late August into early September! I'll be working at TIFF this year with one of my very good friends. My schedule starts next week and it's rather intense, so I'm going to have a bit less time over the next three weeks. That being said, working at TIFF was on my list of fun jobs I wanted to try, and I'm super excited to see how I'll like it. :)

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