Monday, August 12, 2019

What I Bought This Week #32

Staycation week was a huge success!! We'll definitely be doing that again. We spent most of our time exploring different neighbourhoods and trying a variety of eateries. As a result, we didn't bring much into our home this week -- but there were a few things.

We went trampolining for the first time at Sky Zone and had a blast!! You have to buy Sky Socks (regular socks but with grippy stuff at the bottom) to be allowed on the trampolines so hubby and I each added a pair of socks to our collection. They weren't too expensive at $3.50 per pair and we'll be able to use them the next time we go to Sky Zone.

We bought a few groceries as we had family over yesterday -- after a successful escape from Bad Blood: Death Row at Escape Manor, we played Catan on our building's terrace while munching on mostly healthy snacks. One of my sister's friends brought durian so hubby was a very happy camper. I didn't like durian the first few times I tried it but this one was sweeter, creamier, and less pungent so I didn't mind it at all! My sister gave us all souvenirs from her recent trip to Portugal -- the five of us choosing which key chain we wanted was entertaining in and of itself.

Overall, hubby and I had a great staycation week, but it's back to our regular routine after one more family dinner tonight. I plan to catch up with a lot of my creative endeavours, meet up with friends, and get back to healthy eating. My first August vlog will be posted very soon! Hope you've all been enjoying your August!

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