Sunday, April 14, 2019

What I Bought This Week #15

CHEESE was the name of the game this week! Hubby and I have been mad about cheese lately. I've also been trying to cook more plant-based meals, so I placed a big Walmart order and stocked up on a variety of beans and grains. Hubby still eats meat almost every day, but I've been gravitating towards going meat-free a few days a week. I don't intentionally try to exclude meat most days, but I have been trying to increase my intake of fruit and veggies so the amount of meat (and grains) I consume has experienced a corresponding decrease as a result. It feels good to be eating so much more fruit and vegetables -- this has been a background goal of mine for ages and I finally feel like I'm making some headway. I'm always hungry though so I've had to up my cooking quite a bit. Since I wake up early now, I've shifted a bunch of my cooking to the morning before hubby gets up. It's a great time to get things done, and it feels like moving meditation, so it's kind of the perfect combination of relaxing while also being productive.

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