Sunday, February 17, 2019

What I Bought This Week #7

This week flew by! I have a few creative projects on the go, including my 30 day tidying challenge, which has been taking up innumerable hours in the day and unquantifiable space in my mind. As a result, I didn't really go out much to buy groceries, preferring instead to use what we have at home. Lulu unfortunately took ill (she had a ruptured anal gland), so I took her to the vet, who prescribed her some meds--thank goodness she is making a full recovery. Valentine's Day was also this past week so hubby and I treated ourselves to Thai takeaway and macarons. No gifts this year! Instead, we spent quality time together watching TV without our devices. This is a rare occurrence, but it was so lovely that we're going to try having a similar type of "date night" once a month. :)

Before we get into what I bought this week, I wanted to provide an update on these posts going forward. I'm getting rather forgetful with taking snaps of the food I eat, so I'm putting a stop to including food consumed outside the home in these blog posts (e.g., meals out, free food, TIFF lounge visits, etc.). I'll still include anything I spend money on that I bring into the condo, as well as non-perishable freebies like the hockey puck from Week #6.

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