Sunday, February 3, 2019

What I Bought This Week #5

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Junk food and pet food were the main themes this week. We bought some snacks and iced tea to share with my friend during our annual goal setting session, some snacks and beer for the big game, and lots of food for Truffle and Lulu. My retainers were my biggest expense this week, but they will keep my teeth straight, as well as serve as night guards to prevent further wear, so it's money well spent. I went out to eat a couple of times this week--my friend and I got takeaway from Porchetta & Co. (my sandwich is pictured below), and I met some former colleagues for brunch (not pictured--I had a thin crust marguerita pizza and spent $21.02). I'll be doing a recap video of my January expenses very soon--I'm incredibly pleased with my level of spending!


  1. Good to see you didn't stop the blog after all! The snacks in the Bell Lightbox Blue Room member's lounge aren't free now, are they?

    1. I wasn't intending to stop, but just won't be posting every day anymore. Yes, the coffee, tea, and snacks we got in the lounge were free! :) I think it was only the bottle drinks that you have to pay for.


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