Saturday, January 12, 2019

Park Distillery

Last year at around this time, hubby and I were getting ready to go on our annual winter trip. Instead of travelling to a hot and sunny destination, we decided to spend a week in Alberta and had an amazing time! One of the highlights (among many) was our visit to Park Distillery, which was recommended to us by one of my YouTube viewers. Hubby and I visited the Banff distillery one afternoon, sipped on cocktails, took a tour, did a tasting flight, and decided to buy a variety of small bottles to enjoy at home. While we haven't dipped into the spirits very much since coming home, we met up with friends last night and sampled a few together (along with some tasty whisky, courtesy of our friends). I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the Park Distillery spirits, particularly the maple rye, which tastes like you're sipping on maple syrup with a nice rye kick. If it sounds super sweet and decadent, I can assure you, it is. The espresso vodka and bird's eye chili vodka are rather unique and delicious, if you're into infused spirits. Finally, can we talk about how pretty the labels are? They're even lovelier in person.

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