Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lipstick a Day Project

Yesterday morning, I went to see my orthodontist, and she removed the rest of the buttons from my teeth. These buttons were glued onto each of my teeth around 2 years ago to help my Invisalign aligners shift my teeth more effectively. My orthodontist removed the buttons from my back teeth last October, and she removed the rest yesterday. In the past couple years, I rarely wore lipstick, because the product tended to get trapped under my aligners, making a bit of a mess. Now that I'm officially finished with my Invisalign treatment, look how happy I am to be wearing lipstick again!

Since my teeth are now button-free, I'm excited to be re-starting the lipstick a day project! I recorded this series a few years ago when I still had an inflated lipstick collection, and it took me a looong time to get through all my products. This time, I only have around 25 lipsticks. I've come such a long way with downsizing my collection--it feels great to have less. I'm re-starting this series with an old standby, which I've been using on-and-off in the past few months to add a bit of colour to my lips. This is the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Monte-Carlo, a very sheer lipstick in a pretty rose shade with a bit of sparkle. It was fun recording a clip for this product today, and I'm sharing a few screenshots from my video in this blog post. I'll be putting several clips together in each video, and the first video in this series should be posted in a week or so.

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