Friday, January 11, 2019

5 Things I Wanted But Didn't Buy #2

This is a follow-up to my Temptation post. I didn't intend this to be a series at the outset, but I've been enjoying talking about not shopping and also received good feedback on my first video, so here I am sharing five more things I wanted but didn't buy.

1) Beautyblender set
This was a Black Friday deal that I stumbled across, and I wanted this set for the value aspect. I think there was a pricing error, because I'm fairly certain the set was around $48 when I originally saw the deal; however, when I went back to take the screen shot, the price was higher at $55.98. It was still a great deal for four Beautyblenders (and four mini Beautyblender solid cleansers), but then I thought back to my existing stash of Beautyblenders, and I also envisioned myself counting my Beautyblenders at next year's makeup inventory. The thought of adding to my already ample stash made me feel uneasy, so I'm very happy I decided to forgo the deal.

2) Two sets to take advantage of a Sephora promotion ($25 off a $75 purchase)
When I look back at how I was feeling when I almost purchased these two sets, I realized I didn't really want these items in particular. What I wanted was to take advantage of the Sephora promotion. I scoured the Sephora website to find items that I wanted that would total as close to $75 as possible, and I settled on a Tatcha set for $30 and a Kopari set for $50. When I took a pause to consider these purchases, I realized I didn't need or even want any of these items, so I closed the browser and went on with my day.

3) iPhone XR
If you've been following my journey, you'll know that I've had this phone on my radar since the Apple Keynote. I was fulling intending to buy this phone when I got back from the silent meditation course. But something happened when I was lost in my own thoughts for 10 days. I couldn't seem to justify buying a new phone, even though my current iPhone 6S Plus is a little busted. When I got home, I got another sign that I didn't need a new phone. Hubby had opted in to test a new phone and had received one for free, so he loaned me his Samsung phone for photos and videos. While part of me still wanted the iPhone XR, it felt right to use what I had, so I resisted the urge.

4) Waffle maker
"Do I really want to make it easier for myself to eat waffles?" Nuff said.

5) Flight to Portugal
This was the most recent temptation that crossed my path, and it was a difficult one to resist. Before I quit my full-time job, I would obsessively plan our vacations--sometimes I knew exactly where we would go over a year in advance. For example, since last summer, I've had Portugal on our shortlist of travel destinations for fall of 2019. This is a great way to score flight deals because you can wait for a seat sale; however, booking months in advance means you might change your mind on where you want to go when vacation time rolls around. Since quitting my job, I haven't experienced the travel bug for any significant length of time, and I wanted to spend my gap year being more flexible and spontaneous. I didn't want to lock us into a travel destination, so it took me by surprise when I was so tempted by this seat sale. Thankfully, hubby and I are still on the same page with not wanting to spend a whole bunch of money on a trip right now, so we decided to let this deal expire.

It might be interesting to tally up how much money I saved by not buying these items. Let's just see, shall we?
1) Beauty Blender set: $63.26
2) Sephora sets: $62.15
3) iPhone XR: $1,466.74
4) Waffle maker (assuming I'd buy only the less expensive one): $28.24
5) Flight to Portugal (round-trip flight for one person on the dates I was looking at): $540
Total amount saved: $2,160.39

Note: all items above are in Canadian dollars and include applicable taxes. I've been clumsy lately so I likely would have purchased AppleCare+ for my new iPhone.

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