Sunday, December 23, 2018


My annual goals have historically included a photo-a-day project of hubby and me. I decided to make this a goal a number of years ago, because I was finding that we weren't taking many photos together once we became serious camera enthusiasts. We were still taking tons of photos, but the images were typically of (or for) other people. We started devaluing the casual selfies from our phones and point-and-shoot cameras, preferring the perfectly exposed images from our DSLRs. I started the photo-a-day project in 2012, and it's been consistently on my goals list each year since. Eventually, the daily selfie became so entrenched in our routine that I felt comfortable taking it off my list of 2017 goals. That didn't mean we stopped though! I'm a little behind, but here are the photos we took together in 2017.

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