Thursday, December 27, 2018

Our Little Creeper

There were a number of topics I could have blogged about today. I did my annual kitchen clean out, hubby and I met our friends for dinner at a restaurant we love going to at this time of year, we went shopping at T&T supermarket, and we doubly resisted temptations to (i) buy a bag of Numb & Spicy Hot Pot Flavor Lays and (ii) redeem the Raptors 3-pointer offer for free McDonald's french fries (I must say I feel a twinge of regret at having so much restraint as those chips look delicious). It was an eventful day, but it's nearly midnight, so I decided to post this photo instead and save the rest for my next vlog. We took this photo when we returned our rental car this evening. I love how creepy Lulu looks in this photo--she's creepy in the cutest way.

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