Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mauritian Napolitaines

One of my former colleagues (and friend) used to bring me the most incredible shortbread sandwich cookies. Her sister has pretty much mastered the art of making these traditional sweets from Mauritius, and she makes them every year over the holidays. Both times my friend brought me these cookies, I reluctantly shared them with hubby, but it has definitely crossed my mind to eat them all myself.

My friend warned me that it's a bit of a process to make these cookies and that her sister has tweaked the recipe by making many batches over the years. It's been on my mind to try making them so I did yesterday. Everything was going along swimmingly until I got to the icing stage. I was using this recipe, which worked out very well for the most part, but I couldn't seem to frost the cookies to my liking. I broke a cookie in the process of trying a few different techniques, so hubby and I shared that one, and it was DELICIOUS. Eventually, I decided to spoon all the icing onto the cookies and call it a night.

Not being able to nicely coat the cookies to my liking ate away at me throughout the evening. I read a few different recipes and decided to try another method today. I couldn't scrape off the icing from yesterday so I just turned the cookies over and frosted the other side. Lo and behold--it worked! The below image to the right much more closely resembles the Mauritian Napolitaines in my memory. I'm definitely going to make these again (and perfect the recipe) when I'm back from the meditation retreat.

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