Sunday, December 30, 2018

Axe Throwing Power Hour at Escape Manor

Hubby and I went axe throwing with a couple of friends yesterday, and we had an amazing time! We went to a new venue in downtown Toronto called Escape Manor, which offers both axe throwing and escape rooms (two separate experiences). There's a bar/lounge area where you can order drinks and play games either before or after your experience. We booked the Axe Throwing Power Hour experience, where we had a quick lesson and played a few mini-games with our hilarious and friendly coach, Spencer. Everyone picked up the technique pretty quickly, except for me. I had a grand ole time throwing the axe on the ground or bouncing it off the target. The axe stuck in the wood only a handful of times for me, but two of those times were in the bullseye, much to everyone's surprise and to my delight. I've had axe throwing on my list for at least a year now, so I'm very happy I finally got to try it. If you've ever wanted to try axe throwing, it's a ton of fun and I highly recommend checking out Escape Manor.

Note: not sponsored. We paid for everything ourselves.

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