Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Dinner

Cheater's Duck Confit recipe is one of my favourite recipes to whip up during the eat-at-home challenge. I've made it three times, and I am slowing making the recipe my own. I've tried twice to crisp the skin while rendering the fat from the duck legs, but it always sticks. This time, I tried rendering the fat in the cast iron skillet and it worked like a charm! The skin didn't stick and it crisped up nicely; however, the crispiness didn't last as the recipe calls for oven braising in the pan with the lid on as the final step.

Even though the result was delicious, I'll continue tweaking until I get the fully rendered fat and crispy skin I desire. Regardless, tonight's feast was lip-smacking! To accompany the "duck confit," I made Instant Pot green lentils, smashed potatoes, and Normandy-style veggies (that's what our favourite frozen veggies are called at Costco). The result was delicious, nourishing, and very filling. Pretty much the perfect Sunday dinner.

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