Monday, November 5, 2018

More XR Adventures

Hubby and I met up at the Apple store again today after he finished work. Hubby had mentioned a recent iOS update, which was supposed to fix the "beauty mode" issue on the XS, and I wanted to see if there was any impact to the XR. It looks like there wasn't, so I won't post all the photos I took today. Just this one comparing the regular photo mode with portrait mode.

And this one of hubby and me in regular photo mode.

And this one of hubby and me in portrait mode, which was taken with the XS Max. The photos are not directly comparable because we were facing the other side of the store and the lighting was different.

Also, I forgot to include the XR footage in this week's vlog, so I'll include it in the next one. Based on my limited testing in-store, I'm impressed by the video (and audio) quality! I'm excited to purchase my new phone!! I'm going to wait until mid-December, as I'm heading to a retreat in early December where I will not have access to my phone... more details coming soon. :)

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