Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mercedes Launch Party

In one of my recent vlogs, I mentioned that hubby has been signing us up for lots of free events. I used to sign us up for stuff too, but hubby was never keen on going, so I stopped. Things are different now because his colleague tells him about these events, with a strong emphasis on the free drinks and food. And since hubby signs us up, he doesn't complain, which is a win-win in my book. Tonight, we went to a Mercedes launch party at REBEL, which featured the new 2019 A-Class Sedan and 2019 A-Class Hatchback. It was so crowded that we could barely see the cars, but we had lots of fun chasing the cater waiters! Since I'm on the eat-at-home challenge, hubby ate my share. His stomach was bursting by the end, and I was drowning in my tears. The sliders in particular looked and smelled incredibly delicious. Guess what I'm making for dinner tomorrow night. That's right, burgers.

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