Thursday, November 29, 2018

Flavour Inspiration - SOMA

Hubby and I have a few goodies from SOMA kicking around, so we've been slowly making our way through them. Treats from SOMA are a bit spendy for day-to-day consumption, so I was inspired to try to replicate the flavours. Yesterday, we tasted the mango bar with chili lime salt and WOWSA! While I won't be making chocolate anytime soon, I do have mango lassi on my list of recipes to try, and the SOMA treat reminded me of a delightfully mango-y mango lassi. I also plan to buy some li hing mui powder (which the mango bar reminded me of, for whatever reason)--this powder is super popular in Hawaii, especially sprinkled on top of shave ice, and I need some in my kitchen pronto.

Tonight, we tried the SOMA rose hot chocolate (no longer available). I made a couple of chocolate shots and added some steamed almond milk. The resulting hot chocolate had a nice rose flavour, but something was lacking. It tasted a bit watery. We've tried a couple flavours of the SOMA drinking chocolate in the past year or so, and they don't compare to the ones I remember from years ago. I used to love the spicy Mayan hot chocolate, as well as the jasmine scented hot chocolate (both no longer available). I plan to experiment a bit to try to make a similar rose hot chocolate with the ingredients in my pantry. Stay tuned...

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