Wednesday, November 21, 2018


FITREP is a new app that is essentially a virtual marketplace for personal training sessions. Hubby and I attended the CRUNCHES & COCKTAILS event this evening and had a blast!

We started off the evening with some boxed water by Flow Alkaline Spring Water. I was really thirsty and excited about all the different flavours. Throughout the course of the evening, I tried the original, strawberry + rose, and lemon + ginger. The flavoured waters were very subtle, which I enjoyed. Super refreshing. The watermelon + lime flavour was also available, so I brought one home with us. There was also boxed cold press coffee available by Point Blank, but I didn't feel like staying awake all night so I didn't partake. Hubby said it was good, so maybe I'll have a sip tomorrow morning!

There were three short workout sessions by personal trainers featured on the FITREP app. It was crowded and difficult to find room to do some of the moves, but I really enjoyed this part of the evening! The sessions included: Dynamic Warm Up & Movement Flow with Lorenzo Pagnotta, Light HIIT Workout with Celia Lopez, and Standing Yoga with Serena Virtue (my personal favourite, but you know how I feel about yoga). After the workout, guests could try two different cocktails from the bar (gin & kombucha or espresso-infused martini). Hubby and I both got the gin + kombucha (ugh, two beverages I love), but cocktails are not eat-at-home eligible so hubby drank both. I drank more water.

The savoury nibbles were catered by Calii Love. Since I'm still on the eat-at-home challenge, I didn't try anything, but hubby appeared to enjoy everything. I was really tempted by the avocado toast and chicken satay, as well as the mini muffins by Little Almond Baking.

Overall, it was a great event! I'm patting myself on the back for being able to stick to the eat-at-home challenge at not one, but two events!

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