Saturday, October 27, 2018

Japanese Problem

Ever since I received the Soulpepper Brochure summarizing the 2018-19 productions, I knew I wanted to watch Japanese Problem. The only issue was that it was completely sold out, so I decided I would try to obtain rush tickets at some point. I had planned to rush last Thursday's matinee (thinking it would be less busy), but when I was double checking the performance times online, I noticed there were a few tickets released for one of the shows today. Hubby saw me looking at the website and asked me about it. Japan is one of his favourite places to visit, and the name of the production caught his eye. I told him a bit about it and asked if he wanted to go, fully expecting him to answer with a resounding no... but he said yes! I quickly bought the tickets for today's 2pm show before he could change his mind.

Japanese Problem is an account of the internment (incarceration) of Japanese-Canadians in 1942 in Hastings Park, Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a concise production at 45 minutes with no intermission, but it is incredibly intense. The performance is powerfully immersive, creative, and intimate. It is easy to be moved to tears as the performers draw you into their thought-provoking and poignant stories. There is a short dialogue following each performance, during which the audience can delve into conversation with the performers, the director, and each other. Unfortunately, there are only two more shows in Toronto (tomorrow at 1pm and 2:30pm) before the production returns to British Columbia. A limited number of rush tickets (8-10) are available to purchase in-person on a pay-what-you-can basis at the Soulpepper Box Office--these tickets go on sale one hour before each show and are limited to 2 per person.

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