Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are all having a happy and safe Halloween! Hubby and I are spending the night at home with Truffle and Lulu. Our furbabies used to dress up, but we don't really make or buy them costumes anymore because... well... they absolutely hate it. Here are some photos from the archives, when we used to make more of an effort. First up is Truffle as Sidney Crosby. I made him this jersey. Hubby has a matching one (that's not homemade).

Truffle as Sidney Crosby again. The hat belongs to hubby. Truffle as the Year 2011. He hated this costume so much that he bit up the "2" before I could even put it on him.

Here is Truffle as a superhero. I made him a cape. I also put together a matching costume for myself.

Here is Lulu in a lion costume that I made her. It's a little furry vest that looks exactly like her own fur. The photo on the right is just her regular winter jacket. But it's kind of Halloween-y because it's got skulls all over it. Very scary, Lulu!

Now we've come to the real reason we don't dress Truffle or Lulu up for Halloween anymore. We suck at costumes. We actually did buy Lulu a few in a past (she's been a dinosaur, a reindeer, a Christmas tree, and Pikachu), but she's vicious when we try to put her in an outfit now so we dare not poke the bear. I'm not sure where those photos are so maybe I'll dig them up one day and share them in a future post. Trick or Treat!

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