Sunday, October 21, 2018

Filipino Supermarket Adventures

Hubby and I ventured out to the west end yesterday to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. After a belly-bursting lunch at Congee Queen (YUM!), we took a look at the Filipino supermarket that opened last year. Seafood City Supermarket is jam-packed with delightful Asian goodies. Feast your eyes on these beautifully colourful Filipino desserts!

We went in for a specific item: nori sheets for our sushi burritos (and temaki). Success!!

I haven't had pandesal in years, so I had to pick up a package. I ended up eating two pieces last night after dinner. This lightly sweet bread, edges slightly crispy from the toaster oven, can be extraordinarily addictive to the carb-obsessed. NOM NOM. I quickly froze the rest to avoid stuffing my face even more.

Hubby is obsessed with condensed milk and went all googly-eyed when he saw these. We nearly bought them all until we read the list of ingredients. We ended up purchasing two to try (buko pandan and ube).

We wanted to try Jolibee SO BAD, but we were so full and the lines were so long. We still considered it but ultimately decided to part ways with the ever-enticing fried chicken and spaghetti--for now. We settled for a photo with the mascot to remind ourselves that we must go back one day.

We ended up buying around $23 worth of groceries and snacks, including a box of assorted mini kakanin, which we shared with our family. DELICIOUS.

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