Thursday, October 25, 2018

Double Desserts

It's been a bit of an indulgent week, so I'm excited to be doing the eat-at-home challenge again very soon. Hubby and I have still been eating the majority of our meals at home; however, we've been supplementing with outside treats almost daily.

I made miso salmon, steamed rice, and pickled onions.
We supplemented with Singapore slaw from Kid Lee (50% off due to Ritual Eats Week).

I made sous vide steak with steamed vegetables.
We supplemented with fries from McDonald's (free due to the Raptors making 12 three-pointers on Monday night).

I made sous vide steak again with kimchi fried rice.
We supplemented with maple roasted butternut squash soup from Soup It Up (free due to App-e-Hour event at First Canadian Place).

I made lasagna (yum!).
We supplemented with unintentional double desserts--hubby brought home Portuguese custard tarts (from work), and I bought cookies from Le Gourmand (to take advantage of a $5 AMEX credit offer).

As you can see, I've been really good at taking advantage of food deals while incorporating the goodies into our meals at home. While delicious, the daily treats are becoming a bit too indulgent, so I'm eager to see if I can forgo the deals in November and cook everything myself. This eat-at-home challenge is going to be slightly different, and I'll go into more detail in a future vlog, but I will be posting a lot of my food adventures on this blog. In the meantime, here is a photo of our double desserts.

We heated the Portuguese custard tarts in the toaster oven, and they were perfectly flaky, crispy, sweet, and delicious. Then we had the cookies! Le Gourmand makes the best cookies. My favourite flavour is peanut butter, but it was sold out, so I picked up the white chocolate macadamia nut for myself (I also like the chocolate walnut). Hubby loves oatmeal raisin, so that's the one I picked up for him. :)

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