Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Truffle's Eyes

Some of you may know that Truffle sleeps with his eyes open. When he was a baby bunny, he was super happy and trusting, and he would sleep with his eyes closed. Then we got Lulu, and he hasn't closed his eyes since. He'll still sleep comfortably, all sprawled out with his feet behind him, or curled up in a ball beside me. Sometimes, he'll squint his eyes in a relaxed stupor, but they are never closed. Imagine my surprise when I saw him sleeping today. In his litter box of all places. With his eyes firmly shut.

I was worried about him, because it was so out of character. I whispered, "Truffle, are you ok?" and he opened his eyes briefly. He looked a little annoyed.

He closed his eyes again, went back to sleep for a short while, and woke up as his normal self. Truffle's turning 8 years old on Sep 15th and that's rather mature for a Netherland Dwarf. We've started to notice some different behaviour, so we watch him closely, but he is still very active, drinks a ton of water, and eats pretty much non-stop. He's also the sweetest boy ever and will come to me repeatedly to beg for head rubs.

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