Sunday, September 2, 2018

Happy Belly, Happy Day

My belly was happy today.

One of the things I want to spend more time on during my gap year is discovering new recipes. This morning, I made kimchi fried rice (adapted from this recipe using ingredients I had on hand) and it turned out fantastic. Quick, easy, and full of flavour. Would you believe this is the first time I can remember making a sunny side up egg? Hubby prefers scrambled and I prefer over easy, so sunny side up is usually near the bottom of our list. I used a cast iron skillet and it took all of 3 minutes. So good. I see croque madames in our future.

In the afternoon, we visited our friends for a BBQ, and we feasted together well into the evening. Good food and good conversation with good friends is always fulfilling for the mind, tummy, and spirit. Hope your Sunday was equally delicious!

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