Sunday, September 9, 2018

Busy Boycott

Courtney Carver (creator of Project 333) will be leading another Busy Boycott challenge starting tomorrow. I've signed up, and I'm very excited to be partaking in this! I've seen how being "busy" distracts you from what really matters, and I am increasingly aware of how feeling "busy" or being in the presence of "busy" changes the environment around you. While I've already taken great strides towards reducing my "busy-ness," I'm eager to learn more.

To put myself in the right frame of mind for this challenge, I took a look at some photos from our recent trip to Iceland. If I were to pick a moment to embody the Busy Boycott, I would choose a moment during our road trip around Iceland via the Ring Road last May. There were many times when we were the only ones on the road, and there were so many beautiful vistas to nourish the soul. I felt less busy there. I slowed down. The air was magical, and I stopped to breath it all in. I'm excited to make room for more moments like this in my daily life.

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