Saturday, September 15, 2018

101 in 1001

Today is a special day. Not only is it time for a new 101 in 1001 list, it's also Truffle's 8th birthday! I can't believe we've been lucky enough to have our wee bunny for almost a decade. Truffle is such a special boy, and he brings us so much happiness. Before I get into the 101 in 1001 list, I wanted to share a photo of Truffle on the day we brought him home. Look how tiny he was!

Hubby and I were in and out pretty much all day today, and we didn't get to spend as much time with Truffle as we would have liked. I must get back to paying attention to the birthday bunny, so I'm going to post my 101 in 1001 list as it currently stands. The list includes 51 items as of Sep 15/18, but I will be updating this blog post, so perhaps it will fill up eventually. I feel a lot more relaxed about the list this year. I even thought about not keeping track of the number completed, but the tracking aspect motivates me to refer to the list periodically so I'll continue with it. Without further ado, here are a few things I'd like to remember to do over the next 2.74 years!

Start Date: Sep 15/18
End Date: Jun 12/21
Last Modified: Nov 5/19
Completed: 29/101

1. Have date night with hubby once a month - Oct 13/18, Nov 17/18, Dec 22/18, Jan 13/19, Feb 15/19, Mar 23/19, Apr 27/19, May 23/19, Jun 23/19, Jul 7/19. Aug 8/19. Sep 1/19. Oct 13/19. 13/33.
2. Celebrate 10th anniversary with a tin or aluminum gift for hubby - we don't give gifts anymore but we celebrated!
3. Celebrate 11th anniversary with a steel gift for hubby.
4. Visit a corn maze.
5. Go trampolining - Aug 7/19.
6. Watch a drive-in movie.
7. Ride a hot air balloon.
8. Book a float to try a zero gravity/sensory deprivation experience.
9. Go axe throwing - Dec 28/18.
10. Blog the rest of my France 2013 photos (in progress).
11. Blog the rest of my Iceland 2018 photos (in progress).
12. Learn to draw on the computer or tablet (in progress).
13. Make energy balls - Apr/19.
14. Learn how to fix simple things in the home (in progress).
15. Attend a Vipassana silent meditation 10-day course - Dec 5/18 to Dec 16/18.
16. Go on a Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip to Cambodia, Mongolia, or New Zealand.
17. Take a trip by myself - Dec 5/18 to Dec 16/18.
18. Visit Australia and/or New Zealand.
19. Visit Portugal.
20. Visit Prince Edward County.
21. Write and maintain an ongoing favourites blog post (in progress).
22. Find a place to volunteer - Nov 2/18.
23. Go to at least three farmers' markets - Metro Hall. 1/3.
24. Cook at least one recipe from each of my cookbooks (in progress) - 0/13.
25. Go through my two unopened coffee table books.
26. Go to at least six free concerts.
27. Visit Naoshima.
28. Record at least six episodes for a podcast - 3/6.
29. Watch at least three Munk Debates. Is China a threat to the liberal international order? May 9/19. 1/3.
30. Read or listen to at least 50 books (does not include coffee table books) - 23/50.
31. Watch at least 50 documentaries - 35/50.
32. Watch at least 50 TED Talks - 7/50.
33. Watch all the Oscar nominated Best Picture films from 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021.
34. Play frisbee at a park or on Centre Island.
35. Train myself to do the splits all three ways.
36. Visit at least one labyrinth in Toronto.
37. Change all my online passwords.
38. Get our wills drawn up.
39. Complete alterations on the two dresses on my list to shorten - Jul/19.
40. Reach my ideal makeup inventory numbers (in progress).
41. Reach my ideal clothing inventory numbers (in progress).
42. Go through Nina Garcia's 100 list and decide which items are appropriate in my ideal wardrobe.
43. Complete the 30-day plank challenge - November 2018.
44. Practice playing the flute every day for a month.
45. Sing a song every day for a month.
46. Colour every day for a month.
47. Draw every day for a month.
48. Complete the eat-at-home challenge for 30 days in 2018 - November.
49. Complete the eat-at-home challenge for 30 days in 2019 - 30 days leading to first day of spring.
50. Complete the eat-at-home challenge for 30 days in 2020.
51. Answer the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind by Jun 12/21 and see if my responses have changed.
52. Learn how to draw graffiti art lettering.
53. Take a self defense class - Krav Maga (Oct/18).
54. Go to an Intuitives meet-up.
55. Learn scoring and special hands in Hong Kong Mahjong.56. Work or volunteer at a film festival. Hot Docs Festival - 2019.
57. Make my own sauerkraut.
58. Watch a film at the Cinesphere - Jul/19.
59. Watch a show at the Planetarium.
60. Make steamed cake (e.g. mah lai goh).
61. Decorate my laptop.
62. Start a manifestation journal - Jan/19.
63. Keep a food journal for at least a week - Oct/18.
64. Log my dreams for a month.
65. Make my own yogurt.
66. Make sourdough bread.
67. Make kombucha - Jul/19.
68. Be an audience member at CityLine - Nov 7/18.
69. Remove the shoulder pads in my new-to-me camel coat - Oct/19.
70. Go skating at Nathan Phillips Square or The Bentway during regular work hours.
71. Serve at a Vipassana silent meditation 10-day course.
72. Volunteer at a food bank.
73. Create a vision board - Dec/18.
74. Make cornbread - Jan 28/19.
75. Make madeleines.
76. Determine my current optimal number of sleep hours - as of Apr/19, I seem to function best with 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.
77. Spend one complete winter in Toronto (no travelling) - 2018/19.
78. Take an archery lesson (indoor or outdoor).
79. Play darts.
80. Plan a staycation for hubby and me - Aug/19.
81. Make my own nut milk.
82. Make my own dry shampoo.
83. Make my own raw food for Lulu.
84. Learn to use GarageBand - I've picked up enough of the basics to do what I wanted to do (i.e., edit podcasts) - Feb/19.
85. Create at least three 30-day challenges - 1/3.
86. Complete the entire Konmari method of tidying up - Feb/19 to Mar/19.
87. Complete my 3000 piece puzzle.
88. Complete my 5000 piece puzzle.
89. Complete my 9000 piece puzzle.
90. Hold a fire ceremony.
91. Listen to the 5 books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series on Audible - 1/5.
92. Take a writing class. Introduction to the Art and Practice of Memoir Writing with Firefly Creative Writing Group and Toronto Public Library - Apr/19 to May/19.
93. Post a memoir a week for 52 weeks - 10/52.
94. Learn enough Chinese characters to read the cards mom sent me when I was 8 years old.
95. Take a tech class - Intro to Google Analytics.
96. Write every day for 30 days or complete some kind of writing challenge.
97. Participate in an open mic or improv class.
98. Watch and reflect on at least 20 films during the Hot Docs Festival or TIFF - Sep/19.
99. Create a short film.
100. Go knife throwing - Oct/19.
101. Self-publish a chapbook.

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