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MUJI Haul - Stationary & Organization Products

When I think of MUJI, these three products immediately come to mind: my absolute favourite grey clicky pen, my acrylic storage unit, and the notebook I purchased on opening day of MUJI ATRIUM in downtown Toronto (adorned with the in-store stamps, of course!). I love the simplicity, functionality, and affordability of MUJI products so I was thrilled when they invited me to the head office to check out their line of stationary and organization products for back to school.

MUJI showed us a variety of different products and I learned about a few items that quickly made it to the top of my wish list, including an oil based marker (similar to a Sharpie but without the scent) and transparent sticky notes. There were a variety of other items that piqued my interest so I was very thankful to MUJI for providing us with goody bags. Here is a little overview of what we received - as I start trying the products, I will be posting videos on my YouTube channel of some of these products in action. I have a feeling my first video will feature this set of 24 markers because they are too pretty to sit in their cannister unused. Note that I've included links where I can but they lead to either the US or EU online store - prices in Canada will be different.

Oops, I "swatched" these out of order but hopefully you get the gist...

I'm pretty sure I did a little fist pump when I saw that MUJI included my favourite pen in a couple of different colours. While grey still has my heart for day-to-day use, I'm going to try to incorporate some pink and green into my life.

Keeping on the theme of pens, this very functional pen case is the perfect vessel to house your favourite writing instruments. There is a little compartment at the top for your eraser or some paper clips. Nestled beautifully inside are an assortment of MUJI's best selling pens. I've never owned these specific ones in 0.5mm (although I did have the thinner 0.38mm version - since passed on to my sisters) so I'm excited to see how I like them. Upon doodling with them for the first time, I can report that they write very smoothly.

This 6-in-1 colour pen is a great concept. It writes very smoothly but I personally was not a fan of how splotchy the ink looks.

Finally, in terms of writing instruments, we received the following 2 mechanical pencils, both of which take 0.5mm refills. I have tried using these very briefly, and the weight & ergonomics of both pencils were very much to my liking.

Let's talk notebooks! We received a 5-pack of ruled notebooks - these are very similar to the notebook I purchased on opening day (except mine had blank pages), which I still haven't used because I love it so much and I haven't come up with a good enough idea of what I want to use it for. I'm happy I have a few other notebooks to play around with now!

I'm super duper excited about this little notebook because it has dotted pages! I've been watching a ton of bullet journal videos and dotted notebooks are very popular in the bullet journal community. I've been wanting to give dotted pages a try and now I can without having to go through the process of selecting a notebook myself. When there are too many options, I tend to suffer from analysis paralysis - anyone else?

And since I'm asking questions, who doesn't love a good to-do list notepad?

We received this academic diary, which runs from August 2016 to September 2017. It's simple and elegant but I already have a planning system so I will be passing this on to a better home.

We were also provided with an assortment of cute supplies: mini stapler, cat sticky notes, transparent sticky notes, aluminum card case, and pen holder.

Retouch tape, glue tape, and key ring memo block. Apparently, the key ring memo block is extremely popular among Japanese students for learning English. The little pieces of paper essentially function as flash cards, where a Japanese word would be written on one side and the English translation on the other side. So interesting!

My husband is very passionate about shredding confidential documents so he was quite interested in this little handheld shredder.

We were spoiled with these next items - acrylic organization units! I've been meaning to purchase a smaller set of acrylic drawers as I currently have the 5-drawer unit but it doesn't fit in the new spot I allocated for my planner supplies. This 3-drawer unit is perfect and I have already transferred my supplies over.

The other acrylic storage unit we received was a small rack style unit with various slanted "shelves" - I was not familiar with this piece and I am pleasantly surprised that it has become one of my favourite products from MUJI. I used to store my pens in the pull-out acrylic drawers but now I have them sitting pretty in this unit and they are so much easier to access... love love love!

A huge thank you to MUJI for inviting me to the office and providing us with such generous goody bags! Be sure to tune in to my YouTube channel for videos of some of these products in action! There may or may not be a little giveaway tied to one of those videos. :)

Not sponsored. MUJI provided these products for review purposes.

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