Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Travel Tuesday . Flavigny-sur-Ozerain & Lyon . September 2013

On our 4th day in France, we left Reims and drove south to Lyon, where we spent a good portion of our trip. En route, we stopped in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain. Chocolat was filmed in this little village and we had a nice time visiting Les Anis de Flavigny (a candy factory) and wandering around the tiny streets. Later that day, we arrived at Lyon! We spent the next day exploring, eating, walking, and climbing lots and lots of steps. It was a full day, both exhilarating and exhausting, just as it should be.

1. Road to Flavigny-sur-Ozerain (M)
2. Anis factory (M)
3. Anis candies (H)
4. Outside the factory (F) & courtyard (M)
5. Lawn ornaments x 2 (M)
6. Village cat x 2 (H)
7. Hubs walking (M)
8. Figure in the window (M)
9. Small street (H) & doorway (M)
10. A house in Flavigny-sur-Ozertain (H)
11. We arrived in Lyon (H)
12. Reflection (H)
13. OOTD - American Apparel cropped turtleneck, black maxi skirt/dress (brand unknown), Pucci scarf, All Saints leather jacket, Balenciaga City bag, Crocs Kadee flats, J.Lo sunglasses (V)
14. Lyon at dusk (H)
15. Le Bistrot de Lyon napkin holder (M)
16. Us at dinner (F)
17. Ready to eat (M)
18. Hello bistrot (M)
19. The restaurant (M)

1. Madeleines at Lyon morning market (M)
2. Tasting wine (H)
3. Dogs at the market (H)
4. Pug (H)
5. Building in Lyon (M)
6. OOTD - American Apparel scarf, Zara dress, All Saints leather jacket, Balenciaga City bag, Crocs Kadee flats, J.Lo sunglasses (H) & outside another food shop (H)
7. Lunch baguette (M)
8. Fountain (F)
9. Miniature (M)
10. Dog in shop (H)
11. Little piggies (M)
12. Bike in courtyard (H)
13. Courtyard (F)
14. Ice cream shop (F) & shop sign (M)
15. Tower at the top of Lyon (H)
16. View of Lyon (M)
17. Church at top of Lyon x 2 (M)
18. Miniature Lyon (F)
19. Bridge wires (M)
20. Street view (H) & dinner spot (M)
21. Bistrot a tartines (F)

Note: the letter in parentheses = source of the image (M = my camera, H = hubby's camera, F = friend's camera).

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