Sunday, August 30, 2015

What I Eat in a Day

Around 5 months ago, I started logging my food on My Fitness Pal to try to track/increase my protein intake. This had the gradual side effect of making me much more conscious about what I eat on a daily basis. I found that by increasing my protein intake, I felt fuller and didn't snack as much. I didn't have as many cravings for bread and sweets as I used to.

Eating salad for lunch did not happen overnight but rather over the course of several weeks after I started tracking my food. This is a drastic change for me as I re-watched some of my older vlogs (from Dec/14) and could not believe the amount of junk food I was eating on a daily basis.

I love watching these types of videos so I thought I would show what I eat on a typical work day (when I don't go out for any meals). I've included caloric information in case it is helpful. This is the fewest number of calories I will eat on any given day. I eat much more on the weekend (as shown in my vlogs).

Note that I eat small portions throughout the day but I always have a big dinner. I love food and I think about it all the time so eating a big meal in the morning and small portions in the evening does not really work for me because I don't do well when I restrict myself in the evening. I know this goes against typical meal advice but I am just doing what works for me.

6am to 9am
- 1 banana
- 2 big strawberries (or 3-4 smaller ones)
- 0.5 cup blueberries
- 100g activia yogurt
- 1 tbsp homemade granola
- 1 tbsp hemp seeds
approx. 350 calories

9am to 11am
- 16oz black tea with 2 packets of raw sugar and 1 Coffee-Mate pod
approx. 50 calories

11am to 2pm
- 1.5 cups arugula
- 1.5 cups baby spinach
- 2 hard boiled eggs (I normally have 1)
- 1oz chicken (I normally have 2-3oz)
- 1 tbsp hemp seeds
- 0.25 cup feta cheese
- 43ml Renee's tuscan vinaigrette dressing
approx. 400 calories

2pm to 5pm
I normally have a small snack like a yogurt and hemp seeds but I ran out of time at work today so I skipped it.

5pm to 8pm
- 100g steamed pork patty with salted fish
- 1.5 cups of steamed rice
- 1 cup of kernel corn
approx. 750 calories

8pm to 11pm
- 40g peanut M&Ms
- herbal tea with 1.5 tsp honey
approx. 250 calories

For more details on what I eat when I go out to restaurants, I show a lot of my meals out in my vlogs (basically it's whatever I feel like eating, on an unrestricted basis).

NOTE: I am not a health practitioner - please consult with your physician, dietitian, etc. if you would like advice specific to your lifestyle/situation.


  1. I love your system of eating well throughout the week so you can just enjoy what you like when you go out to eat. Your food always looks amazing in vlogs! This was really interesting to watch. I am working on making more lifestyle changes as well so I'm always inspired by what other people are eating :)

    1. thanks so much zoe!! wow, i am really behind in responding to blog posts. i was so good until halloween - i ate so many little chocolate bars... and i also gorged on chips because i was feeling under the weather (i tend to eat a lot of junk when i'm sick). i am hoping to get back on track soon! :)

    2. I've had cheesecake or cake every day for almost a week. TOO MUCH BIRTHDAY CAKE. i finished it tonight though. now to lose those extra couple pounds again!

    3. mmm... cake and birthdays go hand in hand. i'd do the same!! :)


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