Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How I Store My Makeup

My hubby and I have a tiny condo so I don't have a dedicated makeup room. Instead, I store all my makeup in a dedicated makeup corner. :) I have 4 main components of makeup storage, which I show in detail in 2 videos. In part 1, I show my set of acrylic makeup drawers (I have six 3-drawer units) and 2 shelves in our built-in wall unit. In part 2, I show the makeup I keep in a corner of our "island" (which does triple duty as kitchen counter, dining table, and makeup table) and my 6 drawer Ikea Helmer. Note that part 1 was posted back in March (giveaway has since closed) and part 2 was posted very recently... there is a huge gap because I was a little averse to showing my huge collection of lippies; however, since I was going to start my makeup inventory and decluttering series, I thought I would wrap up my storage series first.

I have been working hard at decluttering my makeup collection, so my storage is going to evolve and hopefully take up less space over time. In the meantime, here is the current state of my makeup storage!

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