Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finish 5 by Fall - Results!

At the end of July, I picked out a few products for the Finish 5 by Fall tag. The idea of this tag was to pick 5 beauty products in your collection to finish by September 22, 2014. Here are the products I picked, in various states of finished-ness on July 26, 2014:

I didn't end up finishing any of the products I picked (beauty products take forever to use up!), but I did make quite a bit of progress. Here is what my products looked like approximately 2 months later:

It's difficult to see how much I used from the above photos (aside from the Urban Decay De-Slick and the Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya)... if you would like to see the products in more detail, I recorded a video with close-up shots of each product. This was a fun tag and I've already started on a new challenge - Finish 6 by Christmas! I will post more on that soon... in the meantime, Happy October!


  1. ah a blog update! your photos are so gorgeous, i love your videos but always fun to see a post shared here too since that is how I found you (you were the first youtuber I subscribed too...I blame you for all the hours and hours I have lost since). great progress though, you should be finishing up that lip butter with no problem!

    1. i still feel so behind with my blog! i am really struggling to keep up haha. thanks so much... you are so sweet. youtube is such a time hog... i spend hours and hours watching videos as well. :) i'm still working on the lip butter... it's never ending... especially since i'm now also working on the 2 lippies i put in my finish 6 by xmas!

  2. You totally made a dent! You can totally have those finished by the end of the year! Probably sooner!


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