Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tea Collection and Storage

At long last, here is my current tea collection. :) I don't plan to add to my collection anytime soon as I have way too much even though it all fits in one drawer. In fact, I'm going to try to dwindle it down... similar to what I'm trying to do with my beauty products.

I've listed all my teas below by category and indicated my absolute favourites/staples with an asterisk.

- David's Tea Kenyan Tinderet*
- Kapkatet Tea Factory Black Tea (purchased in Kenya)
- David's Tea Nepal Black
- NourishTea The Duke of Earl*
- Tea Emporium Winter Blend (this is really old so I'm going to steep it again before I decide whether to keep it)
- David's Tea Jasmine Black Pearls (this may be bumped up to a favourite... but I want to try it one more time)
- Lupicia Decaf Muscat

GREEN TEA (I'm not a huge fan of green tea right now so I may brew each of these to try before deciding whether to keep them)
- The Octavia Tea Company Emerald Spring
- NourishTea The Sencha Way
- Lupicia Budou Green
- David's Tea Rose Congou Green
- Tea Emporium Ming Dynasty Rose

- David's Tea Jasmine Silver Needles (I found this tea when I was decluttering my kitchen... it's the tea I used for my tea ceremony so it is also really old... I'm going to steep it again before I decide whether to keep it)

- David's Tea Peppermint Amour*
- David's Tea Egyptian Camomile*
- David's Tea Cold 911 (great for when you're feeling under the weather)
- David's Tea Lemon Myrtle* (my new obsession!!!)

- Teaopia Earl Grey Rooibos*
- Tisano Chocolate Tea

- Teaopia Flowering Tea
- Various Tea Bags

That's basically it! I didn't have as much tea as I thought but still enough to last me quite a while. I had been neglecting my teas for some time (favouring decaf coffee and espresso), but the whole process of recording this collection video really re-ignited my interest in tea and I've started drinking tea/infusions again almost every day at work and every evening at home. While I won't be adding to my tea collection, I will definitely be replacing my staples as I finish them up. Also, because I'm very caffeine sensitive, I likely will not be replenishing the majority of my caffeinated teas, with the exception of my favourites.

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