Friday, August 1, 2014

July 2014 Vlog - Afternoon Tea, Mirrored Pants, and Lady Gaga!

Here is my July vlog! I went a little crazy (ok, a lot crazy) with the Gaga footage but I loved the concert and wanted to remember the fun moments. Please feel free to skip ahead... the concert footage starts at 4:08 and ends at 10:07.

Since I've already blogged about afternoon tea, I thought I would include some concert photos in this post. The eye candy and incredible lighting at concerts make for some pretty amazing photos!

This is how we would look with fuchsia skin. I kinda like it! Lady Gaga had two opening acts - Crayon Pop (Korean girl group) and Lady Starlight (NYC DJ). Both were entertaining and very danceable.

Two hours later, it was finally time for Gaga. The concert was so. much. fun. I would definitely see her perform again. She is so funny and personable - we had an amazing time. Next time, we're getting floor tickets so we can dance all night.

Also, exciting news!! I will be starting Vlogust today! That's right, a vlog a day for the month of August. However, I'm going to be taking a page from Lindsay Does Nails - her Vlogust is going to be a mix of vlogs, hauls, and other videos so basically a video a day but not all vlogs. I think that will work better for me since many days involve me just going to work, coming straight home, and napping, and I can see a vlog about those activities getting old pretty fast. Plus, not everyone likes vlogs and I want to keep up with my regular videos as well. Anyway, I've already edited today's vlog and I plan to upload to YouTube on a daily basis but I'll likely post the vlogs on this blog once a week.

That's it for now... hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

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