Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finish 5 By Fall Tag

Finish 5 by Fall is a new tag that's been floating around on YouTube and I think it's so much fun! The idea is to pick 5 beauty products to finish by September 22, 2014. I love finishing products and sharing empties so this tag was right up my alley. All you have to do is upload 2 videos under 5 minutes in length (or write 2 blog posts) - the first one showing the 5 products you intend to finish and then another one on or around September 22 showing your finished products. Also, tag 5 friends. :)

September 22 is less than 2 months away so I decided to pick products that I've been loving (and using every day) and products that would show my progress even if I don't finish them in time. Without further ado, here are my 5 products!

1. Urban Decay De-Slick
I received this translucent pressed powder in my swap with Pebbles and I really like it! It doesn't keep me shine free all day but I love the mattifying and smoothening effect when I initially apply this powder to my t-zone. I like to apply this with my EcoTools flat top brush to really work the product into my skin. I was happy to discover when I recorded this video that I already hit pan! I use this product every day and sometimes multiple times a day so I'm hoping I'll be able to get fairly close to finishing it.

2. YSL Creme de Blush
This is a beautiful cream to powder blush that I picked up in France last fall. I love the colour - it's a beautiful rosy shade - and it's very easy to blend. When I set this blush with powder, it lasts a very long time on my cheeks (over 8 hours) - I come home from work and still have a nice flush. The reason I chose this product is because I don't tend to reach for my cream blushes often and I'm worried they're going to go off on me. I'm not sure I'll be able to finish this product by the fall but I'm hoping to make a big dent in it.

3. The Body Shop Green Tea & Lemon Body, Room, and Linen Spritz
I've had this product for so long! I'm actually not even sure if it's still available for purchase. Regardless, I love the scent - it's very fresh and spa-like so I tend to spritz this on myself before bed to help me relax. This is a multipurpose spray that can be used on your body, in your room, and on your linens so I think I should be able to finish this bottle easily. :)

4. Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya
This is one of my favourite lip butters! I received it in my swap with Lisa Hatcher and it's a beautiful shade for the spring and summer. I don't think I'll get a lot of wear out of this once fall/winter hits full force so that's why I decided to put this lippie in my five. I go through the lip butters pretty quickly (I've finished 3 in the past) so this one should be finished by September 22.

5. Belmacz Glow in Cornelian
Since I have a slight addiction to lip products, I decided to try to finish this lip balm. I have had this product for ages and ages - I did a review on it about a year ago. I love this lip balm but like many other products in my collection, I often forget to use it. This lip balm is one of the most moisturizing and long lasting formulations I've ever tried. Similar to Juicy Papaya, this shade is more suitable for spring and summer so I'd like to finish it by fall. This lip balm is very emollient and I've already made quite a big dent in it since I've committed to using it every day so I'm hoping this will be another successful product for me.

A huge thank you to Alexandra Parker for tagging me. This tag was started by jenn10orless.

I'd like to tag:

Maria aka Pebbles Flintstone
Aleeza from Stylish & Literate
Alexa from Stealing Beauty
Angelika from Starry Eyed Glamour
Zoe from Writing Whimsy - would love to see your take on this tag on your blog :) well as anyone else who wants to join the fun!!!

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