Sunday, March 16, 2014

January 2014 SeasonsBox - Last One!

I am so glad this is my last SeasonsBox! If you have been following the saga, you'll know that this used to be my favourite subscription service, but it is literally now at the bottom of the barrel. Over the past year, the quality has declined, the price has increased, the owners have changed 3 times, and the value of the boxes is inconsistent... and quite frankly highway robbery in certain months. For example, the January box. The value of the January box was approximately $21, compared to a price of between $39.95 to $49.95 depending on where you live.

Note: Many subscribers (including myself) found unauthorized charges from this company on our credit card statements. Even though I cancelled via e-mail and changed my credit card information online, I was charged $250 USD for another 1 year subscription. SeasonsBox has since refunded me but do check to make sure you do not have any unauthorized charges on your credit card statements.

Oddly enough, the January box included the old-school inner craft boxes, which was something I loved about the first few SeasonsBoxes. This has since changed as the February box (which was sent to me in error) did not have the inner gift box.

While I do not recommend this subscription service, the products contained inside this box were actually quite nice.

1. Unearth Malee Jasmine Sticky Rice Mango Handmade Soap
4.5 oz // $6.95
We've received a product from Unearth Malee before and I really like the brand. I am excited to try this soap. It smells like jasmine, which is a scent I really like.

2. Puur Lemonade Natural Lip Scrub
1.25 fl oz // $5
This product is made in Boise, Idaho and is sold online via Etsy. It smells like lemon candy! It looks a little dry but I haven't tried it yet. Temptalia has done a review of this product in case you want to read more about it.

3. Fabulous Frannie Lavender Essential Oil
10 ml // $3.95
I love the scent of lavender so I was happy to receive this product. A few of my viewers suggested I put a few drops in my bath water so I am going to try that tonight!

4. Chocolita Pine Pollen and Lemon White Chocolate
35 g // $5
This is a raw and vegan chocolate bar that is handmade in Sedona, Arizona. While this is a "white chocolate" bar, the colour is a light brown, just like milk chocolate. Since it doesn't have any milk or cream in it, the texture is a little crumbly but the flavour made up for it! This chocolate bar is very fragrant and it has a very interesting yet pleasant flavour. My hubby enjoyed it as well!

Bottom line: If this had been a $10 box, I would have been very happy with it. However, if I had paid $40 to $50, I would have been furious.

That is it for my SeasonsBox reviews!! I'm sure you're as happy about that as I am, hehe. :) Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday evening!

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