Saturday, March 15, 2014

Brunch at La Neuf Café

My friend and I had a very nice brunch today at La Neuf Café! I had heard good things so when she suggested it for our March get-together, I quickly agreed. The restaurant is located in a little house and is quite small but we arrived after the first wave of brunchers so we got a seat immediately. The decor is absolutely perfect - so French! The ambiance is very Parisian (I so miss hearing people speak French around me) and it made my heart ache for a trip back to France.

I ordered the croque madame (I'm a creature of habit) and my friend ordered the french toast with some delicious looking caramel on the side. My sandwich was quite flavourful but alas it was a little dry. My friend said her french toast was delicious. I want to go back for brunch again pronto as there are a gillion other menu items I want to try.

Next time, I am going to pick up some pastries to go. I regret not buying any today - I was hardcore eyeing the religieuse, which I have not had for years and years. That was one of my favourite discoveries during my 6-week sojourn in France in 2004 and it's a shame more of them don't make their way into my belly. Oh, and La Neuf Café is also open for dinner... I'd like to try that down the road too!

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