Monday, January 20, 2014

December 2013 SeasonsBox

This post is a long time coming. I wanted to wait until I had tried some of the products, but I likely won't get to them for a while. The value of the December box was approximately $42, compared to a price of between $34.90 to $49.95 depending on where you live. I do not recommend this subscription service.

The December box contained 4 products; however, the wrapping was so shoddy that the contents of my parcel were damaged.

1. Nicobella Organics Organic Vegan Truffles in Pure Cocoa Bliss
4 Truffles // $8
Three of the four truffles included in my SeasonsBox had fallen out of their little box and were rolling around with all the shredded paper and other products. All the truffles went in the trash.

2. Flying Bird Botanicals Organic Hot Chocolate Fine Cacao Drinking Chocolate
3.5 oz // $10
I'm excited to try this and I'm happy mine did not come damaged (besides a couple of dents in the tin).

3. Moksa Body Butter in Organic Rosemary, Mint & Sage
8 oz // $16
We've received a Moksa product in the past and I enjoyed trying it so I was happy to see this brand again in the SeasonsBox. This body butter looked so light and fluffy (like whipped cream), but it had a really hard texture to the touch. One of my YT viewers mentioned it might have been because the body butter froze in transit. I will still use this. It smells heavenly.

4. Premium Soy Mason Jar Candle in Sugar Cookie
8 oz // $8
I was excited about this candle but the wax looks funny so I suspect it probably froze during transit too. The lid also somehow unscrewed itself and became loose in the box. I love the jar so I am excited to reuse that once I'm done the candle.

My one-year subscription will be complete after the January 2014 box, and I'm happy it's finally coming to an end. SeasonsBox is charging customers with credit cards on file so I e-mailed to cancel and I changed my credit card expiry date by logging onto the website (since it wouldn't allow me to delete the information outright). I was on the SeasonsBox website to check out the January preview and noticed they are using one of my old photos from the January 2013 SeasonsBox! How infuriating! I had authorized Agnes to use my photos when she was the owner, but it's misleading to show the pretty box and ribbon when the packaging looks nothing like that. I will be e-mailing SeasonsBox to remove my image from the website.

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