Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

It's 2014! Happy New Year!

As you may know by now, I am a huge list, calendar, and goal setting type person. I just love writing things down and checking things off. While you can certainly set goals at any time of the year, annual goals have been a regular part of my life for a number of years now and I find it not only to be very motivating, but it's also a lot of fun. That's right folks, I find it fun to set goals. This year, I'm doing something a little different. One of my viewers, Katfully, mentioned that she sets bi-weekly goals (and no more than 3 at a time) throughout the year to keep herself focussed. I thought that was a brilliant idea as I like the idea of fluidity in the goal setting process. I change my mind a lot, and as a result, my goals can also be in flux at times. How many times have I set a goal at the beginning of the year only to realize, after a few months, that it was no longer a priority? This year, I am going to be setting a combination of annual and bi-weekly (or weekly) goals.

As with previous years, I've organized my goals around a few main themes. Each goal under my 5 themes will follow the SMART criteria - in case you're interested, here is the post I wrote last year on how I set goals. With that in mind, here is what I'll be working on in 2014:

1. Beauty - be more thoughtful about purchases
- Annual goal: reduce spend on beauty and skincare products by 50% in 2014 (vs 2013)
- Annual goal: purchase only cruelty free beauty, skincare, and household products
- Biweekly/weekly goals: to be set throughout the year

2. Home - continue to organize and declutter
In order to focus more attention on organization, I am increasing my budget for home spend this year. I plan to use the additional budget room for organization, whether it be buying more storage solutions, switching out our furniture, etc.
- Annual goal: none
- Biweekly/weekly goals: to be set throughout the year

3. Financial - continue to save money
- Annual goal: meet my annual savings goal
- Biweekly/weekly goals: none

4. Petite Pear Style - create more synergy among PPS channels
I am really good at keeping up with my YouTube channel, but my blog and other social media channels are often neglected. For this goal, I'd like to work on creating more of a brand and synergy around PPS.
- Annual goal: none
- Biweekly/weekly goals: to be set throughout the year

5. Photography - focus on personal projects
- Annual goal: photo-a-day project of Hubs and me
- Annual goal: take annual family portraits for (1) Hubs and I with our pets, (2) my side of the family, (3) Hubs' side of the family
- Biweekly/weekly goals: none

As with previous years, I will be providing updates of my progress. I have not decided on the frequency of updates yet but I will be tracking my goals more diligently this year. I will likely do quarterly or semi-annual video updates... blog posts will be available on an ad hoc basis when I have something to share.

Are you the type of person to set annual goals? If so, did you set any goals for 2014? If not, another idea is to create a 101 in 1001 list, which is basically a list of 101 items you hope you accomplish in 1001 days (2.75 years)... you can see my 101 in 1001 here.

All the best for a safe, healthy, and happy 2014! x

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