Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Travel Tuesday // Honfleur // June 2012

Honfleur is one of those places that just drew me in. When I started doing research for our trip to Paris, I knew I wanted to take an excursion to Mont St. Michel. It seemed that the best way was to drive so we booked a car and it was up to me to decide whether we would do any additional side trips. I chose only one stop en route to Mont St. Michel and it was Honfleur. Something about this little town sang to me. We only spent a few hours there - we meandered through the narrow streets, ate deliciously fresh mussels for lunch, walked around the waterfront, and popped into little shops. Honfleur is a beautiful town with kind people and a relaxing vibe. I would definitely go back, if only for the amazing cider!

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