Sunday, December 22, 2013

November 2013 SeasonsBox - Unboxing and Review

Just a quick post today on the November SeasonsBox. This month's box was better than October; however, the value was only $32 compared to a price of between $34.90 to $44.95 depending on where you live.

Here are the products in the November SeasonsBox - we received 5 full size products this month:

1. Earth Therapeutics Loofah Body Scrubber
1 Scrubber // $1.99
Nothing too exciting here... just a standard loofah scrubber.

2. Organic Apothecary Sinus Blend Shower Tablets
2 Tablets // $2
I haven't tried these yet but I am excited to see if they work.

3. Green Bubbles Tired Pigs Foot Soak in Lavender Peppermint
8 oz // $8
I haven't tired this product yet either but I am happy to receive this foot soak. My feet are really needing some TLC.

4. Green Bubbles Shampoo in Honey Patchouli
8 oz // $10
This shampoo was great at cleaning my hair - very gentle yet effective. However, the patchouli scent is waaaay too strong - it ended up giving me a headache the next day. I've since used this shampoo to clean my makeup brushes and the scent is still really strong but at least I won't be exposed to it all day.

5. Green Bubbles Conditioner in Honey Patchouli
8 oz // $10
The conditioner made my hair feel nice and soft... super sleek and shiny as well. Unfortunately, the scent was too strong (see comment for shampoo above).

Overall, I did not find this to be an exciting box. I miss the scarves, bracelets, candles, and other "lifestyle" items of previous boxes.

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