Sunday, November 24, 2013

October 2013 Foodie Pages Tasting Box

I didn't get a chance to filming an unboxing of the October Tasting Box because Hubs and I gobbled up a bunch of the goodies too quickly! I was somehow disciplined enough to take photos first, so here is a quick review. The October box was a chocolate themed box and it was less impressive than the other boxes when I opened it up because everything inside was so tiny. The goodies were very decadent though, so that made up for the small sizes this month.

1. oneTwentytwo Coffee Bombs in Original Milk Chocolate // Windsor, ON
This was the first item we gobbled up! Both Hubs and I really liked these. They are like the Lindt chocolate truffles in texture, but with a sugary coating. Apparently, they are intended to be thrown into your coffee (to turn it into a delicious mocha), but we just ate these like regular chocolate truffles. Mmmmm!!!

2. Carolina's Box of Goodness Artisan Brownies // Ottawa, ON
We received 2 different flavours - I think they were Chocolate Fudge and Dulce de Leche but I'm not 100% sure. Regardless, they were both delicious!

3. JACEK Chocolate Couture in The Jackie // Sherwood Park, AB
This chocolate was incredibly decadent and delicious! There are little flecks of sea salt suspended in the milk chocolate - the flavour was amazing. Hubs even commented on how much he liked this chocolate. This product was the most generous sized item in the Tasting Box this month.

4. This is Chocolate Cocoa Nib/Coffee Bark // Astorville, ON
I haven't tried this yet as I'm not a huge fan of bark, but since we haven't been buying much by way of sweets lately, I have a feeling I may need to gobble this up soon. It looks like this company has recently ceased operations.

5. Ultimately Chocolate Chocolate Toffle // Gore Bay, ON
We've been saving this and I can't wait to try it! This is described on the Ultimately Chocolate website as "a delectably smooth milk chocolate truffle surrounded by a rich, dark chocolate toffee" - sounds amazing, doesn't it? Sorry about the glare in the below photo.

Overall, I enjoyed the October Tasting Box, but it wasn't my favourite. I think I prefer when the Tasting Box includes a variety of products.

Foodie Pages offers a monthly box, called the Tasting Box, which is filled with Canadian Artisan Food Goodies. There are 50 boxes available each month and they go on sale on or around the 1st of every month for $14.95 including shipping. I have purchased the box every month since August and each one has been lovely!

Note: I purchased the October box and there are no referral links in this blog post.

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