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August 2013 SeasonsBox - Review and Giveaway!

I am enjoying the products in this month's SeasonsBox, but the contents didn't really wow me. SeasonsBox has changed ownership yet again, and the new owners seem more engaging and communicative, so I am hoping the quality and customer service will improve.

Here is a photo of the outer shipping box... I'm not a huge fan of the design.

It seems as though SeasonsBox has switched back to the crinkle paper - this is definitely better than the crumpled up craft paper from last month!

1. Eat Green Tea Edible Green Tea Whole Leaves

100 g // $25

I thought this was a really interesting product. I thought this would be a green tea powder (even though I could feel through the packaging that it definitely was not a powder), but it is actually whole green tea leaves. You can add this to cereal, yogurt, smoothies, etc. You can even include this in savoury dishes. One tablespoon of edible green tea is supposed to be equivalent to 30 cups of brewed tea in terms of antioxidants. I've tried the edible green tea by adding it to my cereal and it was actually really good! It imparts a nutty, green tea aroma to the milk... I do love the taste of green tea so I found it very yummy. I think this product would be amazing in a smoothie! :)

Here is some additional information from the Eat Green Tea website:

1. Our tea is GREEN tea. Black and oolong teas have been intentionally oxidized which reduces their nutritional potency.
2. Our green tea has been picked by HAND. Machine-picking breaks and damages the leaves which causes degradation in their quality.
3. We offer our edible green tea in WHOLE LEAF form. Broken leaves and tea dust has lost much of its nutritional goodness.
4. Our edible Green Tea is 100% USDA Certified Organic. This ensures that pesticides, herbicides, and toxic fertilizers have not been applied to the plant. And more importantly are not finding their way into your body.
5. Finally, our Green Tea has been tested for levels of heavy metals (very toxic to the body). Even if a farm is certified organic, these highly toxic destructive can still be present in dangerous levels due to nearby industry, previous pollution of the area, or other factors. Our edible green tea has been lab tested for purity and antioxidant potency.

2. Puur Body Oil in Lavender-Martini

4 fl oz // $8

Puur is a company on Etsy that is based in Boise, Idaho. The product card indicated we were supposed to receive a body mist/splash... I think I would have preferred that as the mist was supposed to have a fresh lemon scent and could double as a hair spray. That being said, I've tried the body oil a couple of times and I do like it - it absorbs quickly and left my skin feeling nice and soft. I like the lavender-martini scent I received... although I'm not sure what the "martini" portion refers to...

3. Tiki Bath & Body Green Tea Solid Lotion Bar

1 oz // $8

Tiki is a company based in Alabama that specializes in palm oil free vegan bath and body products. I really like the scent of this product - the green tea and spearmint combination is very refreshing. I was excited to receive this product because I had never tried a lotion bar before and it seemed like a neat concept. You push the stick up from the bottom to get more product out. I like this product for my knees, elbows, and feet (especially on the heels)... not so much on my hands, because I find the formulation a little oily and waxy.

4. Vapur Anti-Bottle Fun Size Two-Pack

1 set // $11.99

At first, I was not too excited about this product because I've picked up a lot of these types of bottles for free and I've donated or tossed every last one of them...t he quality just wasn't very good. I was surprised when I read great reviews about this brand! I like that we received a two-pack so I could use one and my hubby could use the other. I've tried mine already (I'm using the white one), and I really like it. It holds 400 ml of water, stands upright when it contains water, and folds up nicely when it is empty. I've tried using the pop top (similar to the top of a dish washing liquid bottle), and it's really easy to squirt the water into your mouth... I was worried it would get everywhere haha. You can also unscrew the cap and drink from the anti-bottle that way.

The anti-bottle has a little carabiner-style fastener so you can attach it to your bag (or to your pants I guess), and a space to write your name (hehe). I think it's neat that you can also use these as ice packs!

For some reason, I received 2 boxes from SeasonsBox this month so I will be giving one away! The contents are exactly the same as mine except the body oil is in guava fig and the anti-bottles are red. The value of the box the August SeasonsBox was $52.99.

Here are the details about the giveaway:

1) Giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the U.S. You must have a Canadian or U.S. mailing address for me to send the prize to you.
2) You must be 18 years of age or older or have parental permission to enter.
3) All entries will be validated. Any ineligible entries will be deleted.
4) Winner will be selected on September 29, 2013.
5) Winner will have 72 hours to claim the prize before another name is selected.

If you are interested, please enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget below. You can gain multiple entries if you follow me on other types of social media - all the different ways to gain additional entries are also shown below. Good luck!

UPDATED TO ADD: Thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway. I really enjoyed reading your favourite things about the summer! I have chosen a winner via Rafflecopter... congratulations to TC! I will be shipping your prize to you this week. :)

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About SeasonsBox
SeasonsBox is a subscription service that promises 3-5 full-size luxury products for your home, body, and spirit. The box now ships out of Atlanta, Georgia and it looks like it is only accepting new subscriptions from U.S. residents. Besides curating boxes themed with a particular season (i.e., winter, spring, summer, fall), SeasonsBox also curates boxes themed with specific holidays (e.g., Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween). The contents of every box are intended to stimulate your senses with the scents and flavours associated with a season or holiday. SeasonsBox provides high quality, luxury, and full-size products (versus samples) with a focus on natural and responsible products. The products are also sourced from various places around the world and most of them are not available in commercial stores. SeasonsBox provides a preview of the products at the beginning of the month. Please visit the SeasonsBox website for current pricing.

Note: I purchased a one year subscription to SeasonsBox with my own money.

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