Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wanderings... Aruba

Well, this is embarrassing. I just realized I forgot to post the photos from my Aruba trip. I had the photos ready to go, but then the blog post just fell out of my mind. Ummm, did I mention, we went to Aruba last November? I guess this will be a throwback type post.

Aruba was amazing... lovely weather, gorgeous sunsets, friendly people, and delicious food. It actually rained a lot while we were there, but they were short downpours that usually happened overnight. Dining on the beach the night we arrived was definitely a treat. Barefoot Restaurant was recommended by the proprietors of our self-catered apartment, and the food was fresh and tasty!

This is what happens when I ask my hubby to smile for a photo!

We hiked so much when we were in Aruba! It was usually hot and sunny, but the island is so windy that it made for comfortable hiking even in the heat. We were often rewarded at the end of our hike with an empty little beach or cove.

So many pristine white sand beaches! Baby Beach was my favourite... you could wade out pretty far!

If you ever make your way to Aruba, I highly recommend checking out the Ayo Rock Formations. It's a free park with huge boulders... and there's a short hike that winds through the rocks and boulders too. I wanted to spend more time at the park, but alas, we are always short on time... even when we're on vacation.

Spot the tiger! (Shhhh, he's not real...)

Other Aruba recommendations:
- Donkey Sanctuary - I could have gone here every day to feed the donkeys apples and carrots.
- Arikok National Park - we did a nice long hike here. :)
- Amadeus Restaurant - we loved this place so much, we ate there twice!
- G&G Pizza and Wings - perfect after a day at Baby Beach.
- Maggy's Aruba - reasonably priced designer cosmetics and fragrances
- Aruba Aloe Factory - we did the tour and came out with a bunch of goodies from the gift shop!

I did an Aruba haul when I got back to Toronto. I don't think I ever posted this on my blog either so here it is...

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