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June 2013 SeasonsBox - Unboxing and Review

I'm losing it. I could have sworn I posted my June SeasonsBox review but Blogger tells me otherwise. So here I am... a couple months late. That being said, I loved this month's SeasonsBox! Read on to find out what I received. :)

This is the last month we received the pretty inner box with the lovely ribbon. We got a bright yellow ribbon this month!

All the products were nestled in yellow shredded paper. I didn't receive a product card this month, which I was a little sad about because I do enjoy reading them.

1. Tagua Nut Bracelet

One bracelet // $15

I was initially a little worried that this bracelet would be too big and chunky for my wrists... but I ended up really loving this bracelet! I received the one in a reddish hue and I think it is absolutely beautiful. I've actually worn it a bunch of times already. :)

2. Vance Family Soy Candle in Pineapple Coconut

6 oz // $12.99

This candle smells amazing - just like a pina colada. It's positively mouthwatering.

3. Rishi Tea Organic Iced Tea in Tropical Crimson

Box of 5 sachets // $6.99

The flavour I received was not technically an iced tea (as it contains no tea leaves); however, I still really enjoyed it! I've brewed it twice using 1/4 cup sugar for 8 to 12 cups of iced tea and it was the perfect amount of sweetness. This particular flavour reminds me of vitaminwater, which I also enjoy. :)

4. Moksa Exfoliating Bar in Amazon Lemon

1 bar // $6.50

Since this is supposed to be an exfoliating bar, I thought the soap would have more poppy seeds in it; however, I haven't tried it yet so I'll reserve judgement. I do like the scent!

Overall, I really liked the June Seasonsbox! I thought the products were great and I will get good use out of all of them. Since this post is late, I do have to say that I'm not too impressed with the July and August boxes... I also haven't received the communication that was promised about SeasonsBox moving to the U.S.

About SeasonsBox
SeasonsBox is a subscription service that promises 3-5 full-size luxury products for your home, body, and spirit. The box now ships out of Atlanta, Georgia and is available to Canadian and U.S. residents. Besides curating boxes themed with a particular season (i.e., winter, spring, summer, fall), SeasonsBox also curates boxes themed with specific holidays (e.g., Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween). The contents of every box are intended to stimulate your senses with the scents and flavours associated with a season or holiday. SeasonsBox provides high quality, luxury, and full-size products (versus samples) with a focus on natural and responsible products. The products are also sourced from various places around the world and most of them are not available in commercial stores. SeasonsBox provides a preview of the products at the beginning of the month. Please visit the SeasonsBox website for current pricing. If you would like to subscribe to SeasonsBox, I would be grateful if you would use my referral link... of course, I will also send heaps of good karma your way!

Note: I purchased a one year subscription to SeasonsBox with my own money.


  1. I really like the bracelet and the tea in this box and I'm glad that it was a hit! But how disappointing about the communication and the following month's boxes. I know this used to be your favourite box... sounds like you probably won't be renewing :(

    1. it's crazy how things can change so quickly with these subscription services. i loved this subscription when it first came out, and while i thought the june box was great, other boxes haven't really been up to par for the price. yup... unfortunately i don't think i will be renewing... not even sure they will accept a canadian renewal as i think the box is more focussed on expanding in the u.s. now.

  2. That bracelet is really cute :) Mmm I can just imagine the scent of the candle

    1. i've been wearing the bracelet pretty often! the candle is drool worthy! :)

  3. The bracelet surprised me as well! I got one in pink and really love it!

  4. I loved the tea, hated the bracelet (I got a weird brown), and I'm using the soap now and enjoy it okay. Better than the May box.

    Oh FYI... your referral link doesn't work. I think Seasons Box quietly did away with the referral system in April when all the other major changes happened. The Curebit links haven't worked for months.

    1. i still have yet to use the soap, but i am probably going to start this week. thank you for the heads up! someone mentioned my broken referral link on my videos and i started removing it on youtube... would have been nice to receive some notice from seasonsbox though. i will stop including it in future blog posts.


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