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July 2013 SeasonsBox - Unboxing and Review

After a stellar June box, the July box was a bit of a letdown. I thought it was alright, but nothing too exciting. Read on to see what was inside the box!

The pretty inside box with ribbon is no more... instead, SeasonsBox has switched to a printed outer shipping box to be more environmentally friendly. I forgot to take a photo of the outer shipping box, but I show it in the above video. The products seemed haphazardly tossed inside with some scrunched up craft paper. The presentation has definitely gone downhill. What I originally loved about the SeasonsBox was that it was wrapped beautifully (with care) and could easily be given as a gift for any occasion. With this change, I no longer think of SeasonsBox as a go-to gift idea. If the products are amazing, I might still consider purchasing a box as a gift, but I would definitely re-wrap everything before gifting. Enough about the packaging - let's move on to this month's products!

1. Pura Vida Bracelets in NEON

One set of bracelets (hair ties) // $10

This company sells handmade bracelets and other accessories from Costa Rica. I love that this company gives back by providing full time work to artisans in Costa Rica. I was actually looking forward to receiving these hair ties as I've been curious about them ever since I saw them in a Birchbox unboxing, but unfortunately I was disappointed in the colours I received. I had my eyes on the Shades of Grey hair ties (or another neutral set), but I ended up with the bright, neon ones. I think my sister would like these, so I'm thinking of giving them to her.

2. Bella Organics Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask

2 oz (estimated) // $10

This is my favourite product in the SeasonsBox this month. I've used this mud mask twice, and it made my skin feel great... smoother, firmer, and more youthful. I don't think it has done anything to reduce fine lines, but just the feeling of tighter skin makes this product a winner for me. I will be doing a full video review of this product (viewer request), so please stay tuned for that! When I use this product, I put on some facial oil (I've been loving Stellar from Pelle Beauty) before I apply the mud. The oil is supposed to help the mask work its magic, while protecting and conditioning your skin. I used to find mud masks way too drying, so this extra step has definitely helped. I leave the mask on for the recommended 15 minutes and then I carefully wash it off with lukewarm water and a damp wash cloth.

3. Made From Earth Pure Aloe Vera Skin Treatment

2 oz // $14

I've been enjoying this cream - it's my 2nd favourite product in the July SeasonsBox. The first ingredient is organic aloe vera juice, so I feel like this product is good for my skin. :) The website says to use this treatment 2 to 3 times a week, but I've been using it nightly. I store this cream in my refrigerator (as the website recommends), and I apply one layer of the cream right before bed. The cream feels very cool and refreshing, but it is a little heavy and does not absorb very quickly. That being said, I still like this as a night cream as it leaves my skin feeling very moisturized in the morning.

4. Wild Mountain Raw Foods Pocket Snacks in Lavender Moon

2 oz // $3.50

This soft granola type snack didn't taste a whole lot like lavender, but it was still delicious! Since this snack contains honey, it is not vegan as the product card indicates (thanks Zoe!). The full ingredient list is organic sprouted sunflower seeds, organic raw almonds, organic coconut, local raw honey, organic apricots, organic lavender flowers, and sea salt.

5. Nibnaks in Crancherry Tart

40 g // $2.19

This was a little bonus that was included in this month's SeasonsBox. This snack tasted ok, but I didn't think it was anything special. In fact, my hubby and I still have not finished this - we only had a taste and didn't pick it back up again. I like the packaging a lot (logo, typeface, and design).

Overall, I wasn't too impressed with the July SeasonsBox. I've already received my August SeasonsBox and I will be working on my video review this weekend!

About SeasonsBox
SeasonsBox is a subscription service that promises 3-5 full-size luxury products for your home, body, and spirit. The box now ships out of Atlanta, Georgia and it looks like it is only accepting new subscriptions from U.S. residents. Besides curating boxes themed with a particular season (i.e., winter, spring, summer, fall), SeasonsBox also curates boxes themed with specific holidays (e.g., Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween). The contents of every box are intended to stimulate your senses with the scents and flavours associated with a season or holiday. SeasonsBox provides high quality, luxury, and full-size products (versus samples) with a focus on natural and responsible products. The products are also sourced from various places around the world and most of them are not available in commercial stores. SeasonsBox provides a preview of the products at the beginning of the month. Please visit the SeasonsBox website for current pricing.

Note: I purchased a one year subscription to SeasonsBox with my own money.

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