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Christian Louboutin | Design Exchange

If you love shoes, fashion, or design, I highly recommend the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the DX. This may be the best exhibit I have ever seen. This is going to be an extremely pic-heavy post, but it only begins to scratch at the surface of this incredible exhibit. The 2nd floor of the DX was transformed into a scene reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge. Let's take a look inside!

When you enter the exhibit, you are greeted by so much eye candy! I am in love with carousels, so I was excited to see one adorned with Louboutin shoes. The shoes hung from platforms, which spun around slowly, so you could see the different angles of the shoes.

(Toundra, SS2011 // Yeti, AW2007-08)

(Dahlia, SS2010-11)

(Zoulou, SS2013)

Below is my most coveted shoe on the carousel.

(Mexibeads, SS2012)

Later, I noticed that the carousel was covered in old photographic images... which made me love it even more.

Wall of boots! The pant-boots were... erg... interesting...

(Gymnaste, AW1995-96 // Pretty Woman Cuissard Tag, AW2007-08)

(Tina Forever, AW2008-09 // Nitoinimoi Bandage, season not shown)

(Guerilla, SS2013 // Madison Tag, AW2007-08)

(Decoupata, SS2012)

This next section of the exhibit revealed Louboutin's interest in transparency. And with all the mirrors everywhere, it was hard to resist taking a few photos of my friend and me in the reflection.


(Only the Haute Et Nue pumps were labelled so not sure what these ones are called...)

(Haute Et Nue, SS2007)

(Masai, SS2010 // Dufoura, SS2013)

Whoa, très toe cleavage!

(Très Décolleté, SS2011)

These made me do a double take... Christian Louboutin had the concept for these shoes and ended up making them for Saint Laurent's last runway show. Amazing!

(Défilé Yves Saint Laurent, SS2002)

(Kriptonite, SS2010)

(Attention, AW2011-12 // Let Me Tell You, SS2010)

The next section of shoes was displayed around a stage and had a showgirl theme. In terms of shoes, this was my favourite section of the exhibit.

(Lady Page, AW2009-10)

(no name or season specified)

(Salopina Strasse, SS2008 // Galaxy Pass, SS2009)

(Escandrilla, FW2010-11 // Stardust, SS2011)

(Dita Cabaret, SS2006 // Fifi Strass, SS2011)

(Black Tie, SS2003 // Didn't get the name... oops!)

(Plumetta, AW1994-95 // Pluminette, SS2012)

I love the pink shoes below... crazy but in a good way!

(Isanami, AW2008-09 // Anémone, AW2008-09)

We took a seat to watch a 3 minute and 44 second "holographic performance featuring Dita Von Teese" - it was alright, but I didn't really see the holographic effect because it was so far away that it just looked 2D.

The next section of the exhibit featured shoes inspired by film, fairytale, music, and theatre. I'm not sure what the exact inspiration was for the shoes covered in googly eyes, but I love the quirkiness!

(Déja Vu, AW2011-12)

(Cathédrale, AW2007-08)

(Dillian, SS2009 // Asteroid, SS2012)

The Fetish room is the only section where you are not allowed to take photos. Fetish was a collaboration between Christian Louboutin and David Lynch (filmmaker)... shoes by CL and photographs by DL. The exhibit first showed in Paris in 2007.

When you exit the fetish room, you enter a small room with information on the design process and the 5 stages of shoe construction. There were also a whole bunch of shoe lasts on the wall. My size is 37.

The next room is my favourite out of the whole exhibit. In this section, you get a peek into Christian Louboutin's atelier (workshop). I love what he says about minimalism... I often try to declutter and become more of a minimalist, but perhaps I need to embrace my organized chaos and keep collecting goodies that make me happy.

This bright room is wallpapered in images of Louboutin's atelier, which is filled with supplies, shoes, art, knickknacks, treasures procured when travelling, and even a couple trapeze bars!

Below is a selection of shoes from the "Handcrafted" wall - these are one-off designs made possible through innovative ideas, interesting materials, and artisan skills. I noticed there were opera glasses and magnifying glasses displayed with the shoes, but I didn't realize they were purposely placed there so you could better admire the details of the shoes. If you go to this exhibit, be sure to play around with the glasses! :)

(Ouambam, 1988 // Puck, AW2011-12)

The shoes below are made of dried salmon (left) and mackerel (right) skin!

(Au Saumon, 1986 // Maquereau, 1987)

(High Boubou, SS2013 // Rolls Royce, 2011)

(Cinderella, 2012)

This green topiary room was beyond eye-catching and each pedestal displayed a very pretty or interesting shoe! I love how this room contrasts with the dimly lit, red cast, Moulin Rouge feel of the rest of the exhibit.

Next, we wandered into the Life and Times Theatre and watched 3 short films - they were alright. I like that the exhibit ended with the biography room. After seeing the Louboutin's beautiful shoes, I think it's natural to want to learn more about the man behind the red soles.

Crazy long post, but we've finally reached the end! As mentioned, this marathon blog post only scratches the surface. My friend and I can literally go through most exhibits in 10 minutes flat, so we were both surprised that we spent over 2 hours at this exhibit... it's definitely a must-see.

The Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Exchange runs until September 15, 2013.

Note: All photos taken by me with the Canon G15 with minimal colour correction (to avoid altering the mood of the exhibit). This post is not sponsored.

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