Friday, July 19, 2013

June Beauty Box 5 - Unboxing and Review

As I mentioned in my May review, the June Beauty Box 5 is, once again, full of repeat brands. I wasn't very excited about this box.

Here are the items I received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. Coolway Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

I've used this shampoo and conditioner 3 times now and I am surprised by how much I like it. I'm not crazy about the scent but it's not as strong (chemical-wise) as the other Coolway products. The shampoo and conditioner work very well together. While I find the shampoo a little drying, it does a great job at cleaning my hair. The conditioner makes my hair feel soft and silky. I add a tiny bit of dry shampoo in the morning and my hair feels comfortable all day... no grease despite the humid weather of late!

Full size // 8.4 oz // $25
Sample size // 1 oz // approx. $2.98

Full size // 8.4 oz // $25
Sample size // 1 oz // approx. $2.98

2. Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer

I haven't tried these products yet as I'm wary of self tanners. They seem like a lot of work.

Sample size // 8 ml x 2 // $6

3. Brazen Cosmetics Organic Mineral Eyeshadow in Gunshot

I really enjoyed the mineral eyeshadow I received in my April Beauty Box 5 so I was happy to receive another sample... even though this is a repeat brand. Gunshot is a beautiful, shimmery gun metal shade. While it's not an everyday colour for me, I tend to gravitate towards these types of shades when I want a more dramatic eye. This eyeshadow is extremely pigmented. I'm not sure what is going on with the Brazen Cosmetics eyeshadow line as the website has been hinting at a new launch for a few months now.

Full size // 5 g // $7.49
Sample size // 3 g // approx. $4.49

4. Aveeno Active Naturals Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30

I really love this sunscreen lotion! It absorbs extremely quickly and does not feel greasy at all. This product rivals the Neutrogena Dry Touch sunscreen for me.

Full size // 3 oz // $9.99
Sample size // 0.5 oz // approx. $1.67

Despite liking the Brazen eyeshadow, I was disappointed in the June Beauty Box 5. Not only were there a slew of repeat brands, the samples themselves were not that exciting and this was one of the lowest value boxes I've received since starting my subscription. As mentioned last month, I still like this service, especially considering this is the least expensive box out there if you buy the one year subscription ($100 so it only works out to $8.33 per box). However, in light of the frequent repeat brands as of late, if you are thinking of subscribing month-to-month at $12 per month, I think there are better subscription services out there for a slightly higher price.

// Approximate value of the products in the June 2013 Beauty Box 5: $18.12 //

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that promises 4-5 beauty samples in each box. It ships out of Austin, Texas. The samples are shipped in relatively small cardboard shipping box. The current dimensions of the box are approximately 6.5 inches x 4 inches x 2 inches and the box fits easily in my tiny condo mailbox.

If you wish to join Beauty Box 5 through my invitation, I will earn a credit and send heaps of good karma your way!

Note: I paid for this subscription with my own money.

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