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May 2013 Wantable - Makeup Box Review

Wantable is a new-to-Canada subscription service. You can select between two types of boxes - jewellery or makeup. The subscription service is relatively expensive compared to other boxes. It costs $36 per box plus you have to pay for shipping, duties, and taxes... which means a subscription to Canada costs nearly $50 per month. You can also buy one individual box for $40 plus the other fees. I was one of the first 1000 people to sign up to receive a free box so I decided to go ahead and check it out. I came very close to choosing the jewellery box but I am rather picky with jewellery (even when I pick it out myself) so I figured the makeup box would be a better fit. To take advantage of the offer, I had to sign up for a monthly subscription but I received a $36 refund to my credit card... so basically I paid $12.32 for this box. I have since cancelled the service as I believe $50 per month is way too much for a beauty box.

There is a very extensive survey on the Wantable website and you answer questions by toggling a slider to indicate what products (or aspects of a product) you love, like, or dislike. You have a higher chance of receiving items that you love and are guaranteed never to receive something that you dislike. I was extremely selective on my survey and, if you ever decide to try Wantable, I highly recommend that approach. I indicated that I wanted blush, lip colour, nail polish, and eye shadow. I asked not to receive brow products, eyeliner, highlighter, lash products, bronzer, and brushes. I also indicated that I "dislike" shimmer and glitter. As a result, my May box was very much to my liking... I'd go so far as to say I love the products I received!

The Wantable makeup box contains 4 to 6 full size products valued at around $80 to $100. I received 5 full size products plus a bonus. Here are the items I received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. Frownies Eye Gels

This was a bonus sample and I am very excited to try this product! Frownies have apparently been around in some form or another since 1889. When the product was initially launched, it was called "wrinkle eradicators" so I am very eager to see if it works. I received 1 reusable set of eye gels, which is enough for 2 to 4 treatments. The directions on the back of the package say to use the eye gels 3 days in a row initially and then once a week for 30 minutes per application. You can store the eye gels between uses in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator... just be sure to keep the eye gels moist.

Full size // 3 reusable sets // $29.95
Sample size // 1 reusable set // approx. $9.98

2. Knock Out Cosmetics Flatte Nail Polish in Powder

Knock Out Cosmetics was founded by celebrity makeup artist, Mike Potter. It looks like this brand currently consists of a nail polish line only. I received a crisp, white nail polish that is supposed to have a matte finish. I find it to be a cross between a matte and a satin finish - it's a pretty shade and I've used it under another light nail polish but I would definitely wear this on its own. The Knock Out Cosmetics website indicates that a topcoat is not needed as this nail polish is naturally chip resistant. I will be testing out that claim. :)

Full size // 16.5 ml // $14

3. FACE Stockholm Matte Eye Shadow in Chiffon

FACE Stockholm is a Swedish cosmetics company based in Stockholm and New York. There is a whopping 71 matte eye shadow shades on the website! Part of me wants them all. The shade I received in my Wantable box is described as "lightest warm pink" on the FACE Stockholm website - I'd say it's more of a beige but in certain lighting, it does have a slight peachy undertone. This is a finely milled eye shadow and I think I will get a lot of use out of this.

Full size // 2.8 g // $20

4. Manna Kadar Blush in Unsung

Manna Kadar is based in Laguna Niguel, California and the blush I received was made in Canada! This blush is beautiful. It's a mid-tone warm pink (with a hint of peach) and I have nothing like it in my collection. I am normally drawn to bright or neutral blushes so I can see how this shade would fly under the radar. It leaves such a pretty and natural flush to the cheek - I can see myself reaching for this shade a lot, especially for work since it has a matte finish.

Full size // 6 g // $19

5. MiA BelleZZa Summer Sedona Runway Lip Vernice Lacquer in Juicy

MiA BelleZZa means "my beauty" in Italian. This company is based in Georgia. When I initially saw this product, I assumed it was a lip gloss; however, after swatching it, I found it had more of a lip cream or liquid lipstick consistency. I am in love with the colour and the texture. The lip product has a nice scent, no flavour, doesn't bleed, and is super comfortable on the lips. The shade I received looks a lot more pink than how it is represented on the website but I still really love the shade.

Full size // 5.7 g // $18.50

6. Besame Classic Color Lipstick in Coral

Besame Cosmetics was founded by Gabriela Hernandez, originally from Buenos Aires but now lives in Los Angeles. I love the concept behind this company... essentially, Besame tries to replicate colours from vintage makeup! The packaging is lovely too. The lipstick I received comes in a beautiful warm tone gold tube and a small velvet carrying case. The lipstick itself is a peach shade with gold shimmer so it's perfect for the summer. I like wearing this on its own and also with my Hourglass lip gloss on top to tone it down.

Full size // 3.5 g // $22

Overall, I loved the contents of my May Wantable box; however, I have unsubscribed because I find $50 per month too steep to pay for a beauty box. Pretty much the only downside I see to this box is the price. The positives about this box:

- All full size products.
- High quality products from lesser known brands.
- Detailed survey to customize the contents.

// Approximate value of the products in the May 2013 Wantable: $103.48 //

Did you try a Wantable box this month? If so, what did you think of the contents?


  1. It's totally expensive...although now that I don't have Glymm and Glossybox I could just sub to this one...I do like that you can skip a month though. Man, $50 IS a lot...I'm so thinking about it now!

    1. haha maybe it's worth a try for a month or two to see if you like it? i dunno, $50 seems like so much even though my beauty boxes combined add up to much more than that!

  2. looks like an awesome box! I got the May box as well and requested blush, lips, brushes, and polish...two besame products and I'm so pleased with them. I love the vintage packaging :) Though.. I must admit... $50 is a LOT for a sub box... I unsubbed as well.

    1. oh lucky you to receive 2 besame products! there was a rouge going around that i would have really liked to try. i think shipping to canada is free if you buy 2 products from the besame website so maybe i will place an order down the road. :)

  3. I'm so impressed with the products people are getting in these boxes (yours included) but the price is insane. If it were $40 after all the fees maybe I'd consider it but for $50 I'd rather pick out my own things. My parents own a house in Florida though and I'm so tempted to ship a box there to save the money lol.

    1. that would be a great idea to ship the box to your parents' place in florida! i do love the products but i can't justify the price... i thought about having it sent to my u.s. mailbox (i pay around $5 per parcel) but i never go to pick stuff up so it wouldn't really make sense haha.

  4. Eek I can't imagine paying that much for a box. So glad you got this one for free + fees. I think my favorite would be the eyeshadow :)

    1. i was even reluctant to buy it for the price of the fees haha... but i'm glad i did. i'm finding myself using the blush a ton! :)

  5. Its great that they are all full size...but that is quite a sum to pay every month, especially if it isn't the only box you are subscribed to. But as a free box, nice :)

    1. i totally agree! a great box but way too much especially with all my other boxes and beauty purchases on top!


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