Sunday, June 23, 2013

May 2013 Starlooks Starbox - Unboxing and Review

The theme for the May Starbox was Tribal... let's see what was inside!

I loved the box this month... zebra print with a red elasticized ribbon to add to my growing collection. :)

Here are the contents of this month's Starbox (in order of appearance in the video):

1. Quartz Crystal

Starlooks provides us with quartz crystals in every Starbox (except December 2012). They are supposed to attract energy and help maintain focus. The other idea is that subscribers can collect them in a glass jar to eventually build a brush holder. I received two tiny crystals this month.

2. Brow Shader Compact in BS3 // 8 g // $21

The Starlooks card tells us that this can be used as a smokey eye palette but I find the brown shade in particular too waxy to use on my eyelids. The black shade is a little waxy but could probably work. The photo below shows the waxy sheen of these two shades. The two lighter shades are softer and more pigmented - they could definitely be used as eyeshadow. That being said, the two darker shades work well on my brows, and while this is not one of my favourite products I've received from Starlooks, I do like this little compact. It's great on the go because the packaging is sleek and sturdy. There is also a little brush and mirror included.

3. Pigment Luster in Cinnamon Toss // 2.8 g // $17

Starlooks has recently changed the names of all its makeup shades so I'm not sure which colour I received under the new system. It looks very close to the shade, Black Gold. Regardless, I am loving this pigment. It has a beautiful metallic sheen to it and I'd describe the colour as a cool toned bronze. I've been wearing this shade very close to the lash line (like an eyeliner) and I think it's really pretty.

4. Cream Blush in Emphasize // 6 g // $17

This shade looks like the "Bellini" shade on the website. It's a beautiful dark red that leans a little rusty in certain lighting. It looks very scary in the pan but blends out beautifully to provide a subtle colour to the cheeks. I like wearing this shade a tad lower on my cheekbone as the deep red almost acts as a contour on my skin tone. I see myself reaching for this blush more in the fall and winter.

Overall, I thought the May Starbox was pretty good - my favourite items were the pigment and the blush. Our little bonus this month was a zebra print mini nail file. I might save this one as it's too pretty to use! Did you receive a Starbox this month? If so, what did you think of the products?

// Approximate value of the products in the May 2013 Starbox: $55.00 //

The May edition of "Why, Marci!?" has not been posted yet so I will update this blog post when it becomes available. Updated to add the video!

The June theme is Modern Warhol and I'm quite excited to see the contents!

Note: Canadians who wish to subscribe to Starbox have to contact the company directly to get set up. I signed up by filling out the information on the contact form and a representative got back to me very quickly. I asked them to call me and I gave them my credit card information over the phone.

Note: I paid for the May Starbox with my own money.

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