Friday, May 17, 2013

2013 BlushPretty Beauty Board Haul

The BlushPretty Beauty Board was one of my favourite events last year so I was super excited for another amazing event this year. This event allows beauty lovers to become beauty editors for the day - testing out samples, speaking with vendors, and providing feedback. There are also products available for purchase at prices below regular retail. For the price of admission, you also got to munch on yummy hors d'oeuvres and delicious MANcarons... plus you received a sweet swag bag to take home! I wish I saw more of the pulled pork sandwiches and fancy hot dogs... I certainly didn't need any more food but boy did I want some! :) This year, the event was held in Loft 404, a quirky loft space with a lot of character. It was extremely hot and busy when I first arrived at the event but cooled down as the day went on and as the event cleared out a little. The music was great and there was a really nice vibe to the event. I fell in love with the space, especially with the beautiful dressing room. I wanted to go in and try on some of the vintage goodies!

The rest of this post is going to focus on my Beauty Board haul! I purchased a few things (some are not shown as they were for a swap), won 3 prizes in the raffle draw, was given a few products when walking around, and of course left with a great swag bag!

I've grouped the photos by type of product for the most part so I will indicate where I got each product. The first set of products is from the ever generous Farleyco! We received:
  • Flexitol Blistop // swag bag // 32.5 ml (full size) // $7.99... This product is supposed to help prevent blisters. I've tried this product once already and I think it works! Apparently, runners also use this product to prevent chafing so my hubby has since claimed this product for himself!
  • Splat Hair Chalk in Dusty Rose // swag bag // 3.5 g (full size) // $8.99
  • Real Techniques Your Eyes Enhanced Starter Set // raffle prize // 5 brushes (full size) // $19.99... I was SO happy when I won this prize! I wanted to buy the Core Collection at the event but it was sold out by the time I got to the Farleyco booth. Thankfully I still get to try some of the brushes.
  • Montagne Jeunesse Zap Them Peel-Off Mask in Ginger // swag bag // 10 ml (full size) // $1.99... I hope there's enough for 2 applications so my hubby and I can try it together! :)

Next up are some products from Pelle Beauty and Kaia. I really enjoyed chatting with the ladies about their respective brands!

I've only tried a few Pure + Simple products but I've really liked all of them so I was super excited when I saw travel sets for sale at the beauty board. I thought these travel sets were a good way to try 4 different products at a pretty reasonable price ($25). I bought a set, my hubby got a free set, and we also got a little something in our goody bag!

My hubby loves bar soap so I find myself trying quite a number of them. Dot and Lil makes some of the best bar soaps I've ever tried... the scent is wonderful and they lather amazingly well!

Next up is my favourite type of product ever... lip products!!

A close second favourite is... nail polish! :)

Last but certainly not least, here are a few miscellaneous items from the beauty board!

The Beauty Board is an event held in Toronto and is organized by the amazing Stephanie from BlushPretty. Tickets were $35+tax and we received a great swag bag as a parting gift. This year, the value of the swag bag was around $150! A big thanks to Stephanie and Elaine for organizing such a great event. I had an amazing time testing out different products, chitchatting with fellow bloggers, YouTubers, vendors, etc., shopping for little goodies, munching on yummy hors d'oeuvres, and bopping to music!

Just a heads up for next year that there are usually a limited number of early bird tickets to this event at a discounted price... if you're interested, be sure to sign up with BlushPretty to be notified for the next event.

Note: I paid for a ticket to this event.

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